Class 6 Notes for Flash


Open lab - Get Caught up and work on Projects


Review: Fast Keys

Tools Timeline

A - Arrow/Cursor

T - Text Tool

P - Pencil

I - Ink Bottle

B - Paint Brush

U - Paint Bucket

E - Eraser

D - Dropper

M - Magnifier

L - Lasso


Enter - Play

Command/Control 0 (zero) - Rewind

< - Previous Frame

> - Next Frame

Home - Goto First Scene

End - Goto Last Scene

Page Up - Goto Previous Scene

Page Down - Goto Next Scene
File Frames
Command/Control R - Import Image/Sound/etc...

Command/Control Shift R - Export to .swf/.spl/.gif/, and so on

Command/Control Shift O - Open as Library
F5 - Add frame

Shift F5 - Delete Frame

F6 - Add Keyframe

F7 - Add Blank Keyframe

F8 - Make Symbol
Modifying and editing Windows
Command/Control G - Group

Command/Control U - Ungroup

Command/Control B - Break Apart

Command/Control Shift V - Paste in Place

Command/Control D - Duplicate

Command/Control A - Select All

Command/Control Shift A - Deselect All

Command/Control Shift O - Optimize Curves

Command/Control K - Align Window

Command/Control Shift S - Scale and Rotate

Command/Control Shift Z - Remove Transform

Command/Control Up Arrow - Move Ahead

Command/Control Down Arrow - Move Behind

Command/Control Shift Up Arrow - Bring to Front

Command/Control Shift Down Arrow - Send to Back

Command/Control T - Modify Font

Command/Control Shift T - Modify Paragraph

Command/Control Left Arrow - Narrower letterspacing (kerning)

Command/Control Right Arrow - wider letterspacing (kerning)
Command/Control L - Show/Hide Library

Command/Control M - Modify Movie Properties

Command/Control E - Toggle between Edit Movie and Edit Symbol Mode

Command/Control Shift L - Show/Hide Timeline

Command/Control Shift W - Show/Hide Work Area

Other tricks

With the arrow cursor:

Control + Drag - Duplicates a shape

Press the control key first (Mac OS and Windows) and drag a selected shape or group of shapes to duplicate those shapes where you release the mouse button.

Command/Control Clicking a keyframe to move frame

Command/Control clicking a frame in the timeline switches the cursor to a slider. It allows you to drag that frame to a new place in the timeline within that same layer. This function is useful for editing the positioning of tweens, and so on, in the timeline.

With the magnifier tool:

Control + Click - Toggles to the opposite magnifier.

If the + magnifier (zoom in) is active, and you hit Control while clicking, you switch to the - magnifier and actually zoom OUT.

With the dropper tool:

Shift + Click - Select a color for both fill and outline tools


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