Learning Objectives:

You will be able to identify the different type of fonts.

You will be able to add Text to a Path.

You will be able to add Text Warp to Text

You will be able to change the Spacing and Alignment of Text.


Read: Chapter 6 in your book and doing the assinments at the end of the chapter.

Watch: Text and Shapes

Watch: Puppet Warp tutorial

Post: Run for Office assignment using the tools mentioned above and post on Canvas under the Assignments - Run for Office. Remember PSD (keep all the layers) can be any size but JPG has to be under 100K!


Pictures: Model, Homer, Apple Logo, and Steve Jobs

What every girl should know about pictures of models in magazines and on the webs!! Model notes on changes you can make.

Two types of Fonts are:

font types



Layer Masks, Vector Masks & Channels


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