Class 6 Notes for Web Publishing II

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to optimize a graphic using a photo editor.

You will be able to identify what JQuerry is and why you would use one of its features.

You will be able to create a webpage using Lightbox for displaying graphics.


Download: Light box

Post: 3 before and 3 after graphics that you modified using Photoshop. The graphics page must use Lightbox!

Watch: Photoshop Optimizing Web Graphics

Review or Watch: If you haven't taken the Photoshop class, watch the videos  Note 1 (skip the first 2 minutes), Note 2 , Note 3, and Note 4 from my Photoshop Classes CIS120DF.

Watch: Adobe Beginner photo editing course (if my notes don't help)

Checkout : Stock Photos Royalty Free images

Watch: Light Box with Graphics




Crop, RGB, JPEG, GIF, PNG, Pixel, Vector Graphics, Scanner


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