Class 9 Notes for Web Publishing II

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to identify the difference between HTML, PHP and JavaScript

You will be able to add PHP to a webpage to increase the functionality of the page.


Read: W3Schools Tutorial on PHP7 (Home through Operators)

Read: W3Schools Tutorial on PHP 7 Forms

Read: PHP7 MySQL Database (Database through Create Table)

Review: Note 5 from this Class




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Topics Covered: dynamic pages

Amazon.Com and MyYahoo are two examples of Dynamic Web sites that are created on demand by accessing a database and template.

We will be using a MySQL database with a table

PHP: Pre-Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP Declaration  
echo "PHP Code goes here";
Code block can start anywhere
PHP Variable Declaration  
$txt="I love PHP";

All variables in PHP start with a
$ sign symbol and then must have a letter or an underscore

PHP Echo  
echo "Displaying PHP text"; echo displays on the screen instead of document.write() for Javascript


  • PHP is a server-side scripting language like ASP but is open source (unlike ASP)

  • PHP scripts are executed on the server (like ASP)

  • PHP supports many databases but the database of choice is MySQL because it is open source.

  • PHP has more functionality than ASP because of the open source developer base!

  • PHP runs on Apache and IIS web servers while ASP runs only on IIS.


PHP, ASP, MySql, Databases, Fields

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