Class 7 Notes for Web Publishing II

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to identify elements of good webdesign.

You will be able to identify elements of a web project plan.

You will be able to create a project proposal.

design of site


Post: A website project plan that incudes cost, time required and web page mockups. Follow the directions on Proposal notes page

Watch: Basic Layout Design

Review: Joyce's Planning Site (Joyce is a former student who created a great site with things to consider)

Review: My Web Design Advice is to Keep iSimple and Special (KISS) be sure to check the bad designs link

Read: What is the Meaning of  Color 

Read: Content Strategy Basics

Review: How much to Charge for HTML

Track your time: Paymo free service  (Optional!)

Watch: What happens when you have a bad web page design.  Yes, this a joke!

Reminder: Post your articles on Canvas in  Discussions > Weekly Review



Topics Covered:

Track your time with Paymo free service

Web Design Principles Check list and the 5 Basic things your site should have. If 5 is too many, 4 Steps to a Website Layout That Works!

The Government has a great site about Usability







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