Learning Objectives:

You will be able to identify how MySQL works with PHP

You will be able to create a table in MySQL

You will be able to use PHP to access a MySQL database table to dynamiclly generate a page.


Review: PHPMyAdmin walk through for creating a Table and inserting Data

Read: Book 5 Chapters 2 - 3

Post: A Dynamically Generated Form in your space using the content Form Assignment in Note 5, PHP, and the MySQL table you created!

Create: a Table with at least 8 records in MYSQL on my server with the following Fields: (You will be using the content from the Forms assignment Note 5 in this Table).


FYI: MySQL will use the Student id and password in Canvas. You will use PHPMyAdmin to access MySQL on my Server! (recomended but not required field Names)

Table Setup
Field Name Type Length

PNumber for Part Number

(make this an INDEX and give it a name)

Pname for Product Name VARCHAR 50
Pdescribe for Product Description VARCHAR 250
Pgraphic for file name of graphic VARCHAR 100
Price for Price of product Decimal 10,2


Reminder: Post your articles on Canvas in  Discussions > Weekly Review

Watch: PHP Setup

Watch: MySql info

Topics Covered:

Dynamic pages


Remember that you have to tell Dreamweaver to use the asp reference for pgraphic in the dynamic decleration of image (graphic.)


MySQL, Datatype, Insert, Delete


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