Class 4 Notes for Flash

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to create and animate a Layer Mask

You will embed a Flash animation into an existing webpage

You will be able to create and modify a Motion Tween

You will be able to identify the difference between Shape, Classic and Motion Tweens


Read: Chapter 4 & 5 and do the exercises at the end of each chapter.

Watch: Simple Motion Tween tutorial on Youtube

Watch: Layer Mask Tricks

Post: Simple Cartoon assignment on your Web space on E-commerce and link the file to your homework page.

Watch: How Homework Page works

Your homework must be linked to your homework.html file

Topics Covered:

File Names should be:

lower case: Example: jon.html not Jon.html

Avoid space in the name; Example: next-time.html instead of next time.html

Simple name while explaining the content; Example: about.html instead of aboutus.html


Go to W3 Schools and review HTML

Tweening: Letting Flash figure out the position of an object.


Time line turns blue between the key frames


Shape Tweening: The objects must be broken apart (no grouping.)

Shape Tween

Time line turns Green between the key frames


Motion Tweening: The object must be converted into a symbol before you can tween.

Motion Tween

The whole Time line turns blue

Motion Tweening can be configured by double clicking on the timeline or right click to refine the motion tween.




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