Class 2 Notes for Animate

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to create a an HTML5, Animated Gif, and MP4 movie.

You will be able to add a Key Frame to a Timeline

You will be able to identify the difference between Key Frames and Normal Frames

You will be able to create a Tween on the Timeline


Read: Chapter 1 & 2 in your book!

Post: Animate Picture using the different tools we covered in class

Review: has several great ideas about how to draw with Animate.

Watch: How they Created these Cartoons

Watch: How to draw Cartoon Animals

Watch: Green Things: A simple animation made with Flash (Animate)

Review: The different resources on Adobe TV

Topics Covered:

Time Line for Animate


     Important terms



Tweening: Letting Animate figure out the position of an object




Toolbar, Tweening, Key Frame, Empty Frame, Layers, Stroke, Fill, pen, paint, eye dropper, free transform, text, eraser and Paint


You should be reading Chapter 3 - 5 in your book!

Label the different items on the Tool Bar and tell me what they do!



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