How to do a Project Plan


Step 1. Who is the Customer & who has authorization to make changes to this plan?

Step 2. Who will be looking at the page (Audience for the page)?

Step 3. Objectives for the Page (Selling something, information page, Entertainment?)

Step 4. What is the address of the competition and what do their pages look like?

Step 5. Part A: What will the layout look like? (Create a site map with PowerPoint)


Part B: Provide a layout of the main page and a sub page!

Step 6. What kind of Media will you use? (if, jpg, Flash, animated gifs, director), what type of interaction will the page require and will you need to do any scripting (Java or CGI)?


Step 7. What will you have to create (content & media) and what will be given to you?

Step 8. Estimate the time (amount of hours) to complete project (then multiple by at least 2)

Step 9. How much time will they give you for development of pages?

Step 10. Where will the page be located (on what server?) Does the server have adequate resources to meet their objectives?

Step 11. How often will they want to update their pages. How many "free" changes will you give them to this project plan?

Step 12. How much money are they willing to spend?

Step 13. Are there any problems that may complicate the development of this project

Step 14. Provide a Cost Estimate (See Estimate Site)



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