Learning Objectives:

You will be able to identify Social Media sites

You will be able to identify several problems with Social Media

You will be able to validate your webpage

You will be able to identify items that will be on the Test

Homework: (I didn't create a video for this note page)

Post: Website Review and make sure it is linked to your homework page

Read:  Chapter 8  in your book

Review: Notes on Good Web design

Review: Social Media Mashup

Watch: The problem with computer and Internet technology!

Review: Top Social Media Sites and Statistics!

Check Out: Fact checking sites PolitifactFactCheck.org, & Snopes

Social Media Backfires:

Read: Don't brag about committing a crime

Read: Debtors tracked down

Topics Covered:

Background on the Internet and what our plan B needs to be if the internet crashes

Politician: House Representatives plus know your MCCD Board Members and check the Arizona Fact Check!

Check a Variety of Political Endorsements if you don't know the canidates.

Quiz is open book, web and notes but not Open Neighbor

Review the following for Quiz:

Remember: Your Instructor is very lazy. If I take the time and energy to create a note page, the information on the page must be important. Other Possible topics will be:

What is the Internet?
What is TCP/IP?
How does a Browser work?
What is a plug-in?
How does a search engine work and Bots?
What is SMTP and why is it important?
What is HTTP and why is it important?
What is FTP and why is it important?
What are the problems associated with the Internet?
Why is it important to validate your webpages?

Troubleshooting HTML & CSS with the Chrome Browser Video


MITHarvardCalTechUSCUCLAASUNAUUofAPVCC, and Maricopa.


Library of CongressPhoenix LibraryASU LibraryPVCC's Library, and Amazon


YahooCNETAZcentralCNN, and MSN

Governmental Sites:

ArizonaUSAGovSenateHouse of Representatives and White House.

International GovernmentUN




Trivia: The first e-commerce transaction was from a posting on a newsgroup

Newsgroups: Everything you wanted to know and a few things you didn't.

A boring version of Social Media

There are two types of interactions on the Internet. Synchronous and Asynchronous. E-mails, newsgroups and listservs are asynchronous while Internet phone, IM, and chat groups are synchronous.

Newsgroups were created as a way for "Geek's" to talk about their favorite subject. Newsgroups took off when they became connected to the Internet. Before the Internet, newsgroups were used mainly by universities and people accessed them via phones through bulletin boards.

A newsgroup is a passive method of communicating with a group. You can choose to read the postings and if you wish, you can post to the site. We will use Goggle's Newsgroup site to explore all the interesting topics in newsgroups. The alt (for alternative) site is the most diverse and the most controversial.



listservs: listservs are an active way for groups to communicate.

To use a listserv, you send a message to a computer whose job is to send your message to all the members of the group. The drawback of listservs is you can easily get a hundred messages a day from an active listserv.




Portal, Search Engine, Spider, Web Bot, Database, Keywords


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