Learning Objectives:

You will be able to modify an existing Web Page

You will be able to create a template for Dreamweaver

You will be able to use a template to create a Web page



Post: Dreamweaver Web page(or comprable HTML editor) and make sure it is linked to your homework page.

Start: Gathering content and work on design for your Final Project

Watch: Responsive Design and Responsive Grid at Adobe

Watch: Responsive Design with provided images

Watch: Dreamweaver Template

Review: Bootstrap on W3schools

Watch: Dreamweaver Bootstrap and Templates


Watch: Dreamweaver Templates Part 2


Topics Covered:

Video Tutorials from YouTube

Bootstrap on W3schools and Dreamweaver Responsive Tutorial

 LinkedIn Learning has great tutorials but you have to pay for most!

Reminder: Post your articles on Canvas under the Weekly Articles on the Discussion Board Section.

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