Learning Objectives:

You will be able to create a form using different form input types

You will be able to modify input types using different attributes

You will be able to describe the different form actions


Post:  Info Form several of the form objects shown in class. You should be trying to sell something with the form and make sure your form is linked to the homework page!

Read:  Chapter 4  in your book

Watch: Target and Data mining

Watch: What happens when you have bad design

Try Using: Jon's Bribe Site (Sample of a form that connects to a database.)

Review: W3schools Tutorial on Forms, Input Types and Input Attributes

Watch: How to create a Form


Reminder: Post your articles on Canvas under the Weekly Articles on the Discussion Board Section.

Topics Covered:

Forms in use:

A Web Form needs an action (what you are going to do with the form) and should include a method (how to send the info in the form)

Text Field & Area Check Box  Radio Button 
Selection Box  Submit Button  Reset Button 


With Forms you can "Get" or "Post" information to your server. The Get method is the default method and it sends the form contents in the URL for everyone to see and the Postmethod sends the form contents body of the request better for passwords and large amounts of data.

You have the option of adding several "objects" to your HTML with the forms tag. Text boxes, Text Areas, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons and Submit Buttons are the more popular objects you can add to your page.

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI adds interactivity between HTML and the Web servers resources (data bases or ability to create new pages.) Several different languages can be used to create CGI scripts. Some of the more popular languages are Perl, VB Script, Java Script, C++ and Apple Script.

New and Popular HTML 5 Input Types

button checkbox color
date datetime email
file hidden image
password radio reset
search submit tel
text time URL



New attributes for <input>:

autocomplete autofocus form
formaction formenctype formmethod
formnovalidate formtarget height and width
list min and max multiple
pattern (regexp) placeholder required

New HTML 5 Form attributes:

New attributes for <form>:

  • autocomplete
  • novalidate


CGI, Forms, Scripts, Perl

Reminder: Post your articles on Canvas under the Weekly Articles on the Discussion Board Section.

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