Notes for Class 9 Illustrator

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to use the Eraser Tool to modify a shape

You will be able to use a Layer Mask

You will be able to apply a filter to your artwork

You will be able to create a Business Card



Read: Chapter 9 & 10 in your book.

Watch: Business Card Tutorial

Watch: Opacity Mask Video

Watch: Eraser, Scissor & Knife Tools Video

Watch: The Blend Tool Tutorial

Create: Business Card & Post on Canvas under Assignments.


Topics Covered:

Line and Character artist Al Hirschfeld

Photoshop vs Illustrator filters

Sell Your Artwork for T-shirts and Cups at CafePress

Layer Mask can clean up your design by eliminating the spillover on the artboard

Blending is done by creating a Starting object and an Ending object.

Select the two objects and then select Object - Blend - Blend Options.

Choose one of the Spacing (specified steps for color and shape morphing) and Orientation (path or page) Options

Eraser Tool can erase stroke and fill of an object to create seperate objects.

Scissor Tool you delete segments of a path to erase part of an object.

Knife tool seperates the object into different parts (smaller objects).


Eraser Tool, Scissor Tool, Knife tool, Fill, Stroke, Blending, Filters, and Layer Mask


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