Notes for Class 5 Illustrator

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to use simple shapes to create animals

You will be able to use simple shapes to create cartoon characters



Create: Several Cartoon Animal on multiple artboards & Post on Canvas under Assignments.

Watch: Pencil Tool Video

Review: How they Created these Cartoons

Review: The meaning of Shapes

Review: Expressions for cartoons

Review: Body parts drawings and character design drawings

Watch: Golden Mean video




FishTopics Covered:

The Meaning of Color or what colors to use to provoke an emotion.

Practical advice on how to use shapes to draw animals

Picture of a cute rat

Cartoon drawing (thanks Desiree) doesn't have to be perfect!

Exaggerating body parts can help (extra wide, long or short body parts)

Just pick the main features (largest) and go from there.

Use circles, ellipses and rectangles for main body parts

Modify and combine the shapes to create the body.

Add spots and stripes or other features that

Drawing realistic human figures, learn the proportions.








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