Class Notes 2 for Illustrator

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to setup your workspace (Pannels, Rules and Grids)

You will be able to select from different Templates

You will be able to reset your workspace and add pannels to your workspace

You will be able to add artboards to your file

You will be able to place an image on your artboard.



Read Chapter 1 & 2 in your book.

Create: Name Assignment & Post on Canvas under Assignments.

Watch: Document Setup Video

Watch: Custom Tools Panel Video

Watch: Artboard Video

Watch: Tace an Image Video

Watch: Place an Image Video




Topics Covered:Copy Artboard

You can copy the content from one artboard to another by draging the current artboard to the new artboard icon on the airboard pannel.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Videos

10 things beginners want to know

Need Help, Adobe has an FAQ Page

Page Setup for Print and Web

Templates for pages

Artboard Manipulation

Artboards are extra canvases.

You can add and delete artboards

You can change the order and change the orientation of the artboards.

Control + to zoom in

Control - to zoom out

Zoom Tool to change the size

Custom Guides for alignment of Objects and Rulers

Placing an External Graphic on an artboard

Line and Text Tools




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