Notes for Class 11 Illustrator

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to use the Perspective Tool to create Image with Perspective

You will be able to map Text onto a Perspective Grid



Read: Chapter 12 in your book.

Create: 3D Project & Post on Canvas under Assignments.

Watch: Quick Effect for 3D

Watch: Define a Perspecitve Grid

Watch: Mapping flat artwork to the perspective grid

Watch: Perspective Grid Tricks



Topics Covered:

A. Plane switching widget (use the Perspective Selection Tool to change plane settings)

B. Left Vanishing Point 

C. Vertical Grid Extent 

D. Perspective Grid Ruler 

E. Right Vanishing Point 

F.Horizon Line 

G. Horizon Height 

H. Ground Level 

I. Horizon Level 

J. Extent of Grid 

K. Grid Cell Size 

L. Ground Level 

M. Extent of Grid 

N. Right Grid Plane Control 

O. Horizontal Grid Plane Control 

P. Left Grid Plane Control 

Q. Origin 

When selecting a different plane, you need to use the Perspective Selection Tool (under the Perspective Grid tool)

You have to convert your text to outlines. Type - Create Outlines or hold Shift + Ctrl + O




Perspective Selection Tool, Perspective Grid tool, Vanishing Point, Ground Level, Horizon Level  


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