Class Notes 3 for Illustrator


Learning Objectives:

You will be able to create simple shapes (square, triangle and rectangles) using the shape tool

You will be able to delete anchor points on shapes.

You will be able to create complex shapes using the shape tool and arrow keys


Read Chapter 3 & 4

Create: picture using the shape tool & Post on Canvas under Assignments. You need to use simple and complex shapes for your original piece of art

Watch: Live Corners Video

Watch: Saving Swatches

Watch: Path Segment Reshaping Video

Watch:Video Tutorial on how to create different Shapes

Watch: Isolation Mode Video





Topics Covered:

To modify Star and Polygon Shape Tool setting: (click once after you select tool) or Up and Down Arrow Keys!


Group and un-group objects. Modifing an object while grouped (double click on the object)

To modify the shape easily use the Achor Point tool

Isolation Mode allows you to edit an Complex Object without selecting the rest of the objects Achor Point Tool


Delete Anchor Key (under Pen Tool) to remove achor points on exsiting object (remove part of a circle or star)

Copy exsisting object Alt key plus drag the object to a different part of the artboard.

You can delete a portion of an object when you have a node with handle bars selected.

Stroke ProfilesStroke Profile


The Stroke can have a variable width. You can use the Width Profile

You can double click on the stroke or use the Width Tool to change the Stroke Profile








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