Class 10 Notes for E-Commerce

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to create a simple Web Page with Wix

You will be able to create a simple Web Page with Word Press

You will be able to create a simple Web Page with Dreamweaver


Watch : Adobe TV Intro to DreamweaverAdd ContentLayoutPreview and Publish

Review: Dreamweaver Get Started I recomend at least reading Web Development using Dreamweaver - an overview and Desing Responsive Sites using Bootstrap

Review: WordPress tutorials if you want to create a WordPress Website. has free hosting for your site.

Review: Wix Tutorials

Post: A Website using Dreamweaver, Wix or WordPress. You must post the site on E-commerce server or put up a page linking to the site you created.

Reminder: Post your articles on Canvas under the Weekly Articles on the Discussion Board Section.


Topics Covered:

Watch: How to setup a site to E-commerce

Site Settings for the Server! Double Check the settings except use your user name and password

Dreamweaver Settings

Same Settings as Core or Filezilla FTP but in a different location.

Local folder is going to be your folder on the Webdev directory on the C drive

FTP address:

UserID: first Initial  & last-name

Password: Same as you used in Filezilla 

port: 990


Responsive Design & Bootstrap


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