Class 9 Notes for Web Scripting 

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to identify how to use CSS to validate forms

You will be able to identify how to use JavaScript to validate forms



Read: Chapters 15 & 16

Proposal for Final Project

Review: Javascript Form Validation and HTML 5 Form Validation

Watch: JQuery Validation Plugin Demo

Create: a Form and Validate the Content with JavaScript


Topics Covered:

Flash uses JavaScript libraries to create HTML 5 animations

CSS vs JavaScript for Form Validation

Form Objects

HTML 5 required attribute eliminates the need for most javascript and JQuery validation

Sitepoint JQuery Form Validation Demo


Form Objects: We will play with the following form objects: Sample Form
Text Field & Area Check Box  Radio Button 
Selection Box  Submit Button  Reset Button 


Ways to identify the Form objects you wish to manipulate: getElementById(), document.form[].formobject , this

lastIndexOf() Method

indexOf() Method 

match() Method

toLowerCase() Method

toUpperCase() Method

slice() Method

value Property 

length Property (String) returns a number

selectedIndex Property (section box) returns a number

checked Property (checkbox or radio button) returns True or False

Terms you need to Lookup:

CSS, Styles, blur(), focus()

Expand Menu, Sliding Menu and Dynamic Text


W3Schools (JavascriptCSSDOM and DHTML) and Book


HTML Valid