Class Note 13 for Web Scripting 

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to connect to a database using PHP



Read: Chapters 14

Finish Projects


Topics Covered:


ASP Declaration PHP Declaration

response.write("Hello World!")

echo "Hello World";
ASP Variable Declaration 
PHP Variable Declaration
dim name
name="Donald Duck"
$txt="Hello World";
ASP Write PHP Echo
response.write("Hello World!")
echo "Hello World";


Setup Dreamweaver for ASP to work with my server. You will need to setup your connection

Download the jstorslee.mdb database and put your name on it (first initial and last name).mdb then FTP the database into your directory on the Web!


Dreamweaver combined these languages to create our dynamic page:

ADO - Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Command");

SQL - SELECT * FROM productinfo



<!--#include file="Connections/CNJstorslee2.asp" -->
Code for the page 



ASP, PHP, Database, DSN and connection string

HTML Valid