Learning Objectives:

You will be able to create a simple animation using photoshop

You will be able to create a simple animation using Flash

You will be able to compare and contrast the two programs ability to create animations.


Read: Chapter 11 in your book and doing the assinments at the end of the chapter.

Post: An MP4 or GIF animation you created in Photoshop and post on Canvas under the Assignments - Animation. 
No size Limitation to your animation!

 Post: a graphic created using Stable Diffusion or Generative Fill 

Watch: Animation tutorial

Watch: Video Editing

Review:  How to use Stable Diffusion  

Watch: Animation Video (Please check practice section before attempting.)


Work on Final Project



You will need to change the Workspace to Motion

Motion (Animation) Timeline Settings

Animation Timeline Setting

Pictures: Use your solar assignment for this video tutorial


Flash, Timeline and Transitions


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