Learning Objectives:

You will be able to use the Brush Tool in a picture.

You will be able to create a new Brush.


Read: Chapter 10 in your book and doing the assignments at the end of the chapter.

Play: Logos Quiz:  How well do you know popular logos?

Watch: How to create an Original Logo Design and Logo Design Mistakes

Watch: How to Design a Logo and Logo Design (for Illustrator but still applies to Photoshop)

Read: 5 Essential Elements of Logo Design

Watch: Brush Tutorial

Watch: Mixer Brush Tutorial

Watch: Create your own Brush video

Watch: Bob Ross Painting Video for how he uses different mixes and different parts of brushes.

Post: The Logo using the tools mentioned above and post on Canvas under the Assignments - Logo
Remember PSD (keep all the layers) can be any size but JPG has to be under 100K!





Download or create your own brushes

Create your own Brush using the Star Ship Enterprise

Mixer Brush to create a painting out of the waterfall picture

alt & Click with the mixer brush to sample the color mixture

Flames effect for people (thanks Kurt)




Mixer Brush:

Load and Clean Brush

Wet (how wet the "paint" is on the canvas)

Load (how hard you will be "pushing the paint brush")

Mix (mixing the colors on the canvas with other colors outside of the canvas)


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