Build A Birdhouse: A Fun Weekend Project





STEP 1: Birdhouse Type and Purpose

What type of bird(s) are you trying to attract to your new birdhouse? Careful consideration is needed with this step, as each bird species has its own requirements for entrance hole size and depth. The size of the birdhouse, the opening, and the design should be consistent with the type of bird(s) you wish to attract.

After you decided on which type of bird(s) you want to attract, do some research on their nesting habits. This will help you gain an understanding for the needs and requiements for the bird(s) within your area. Some research should also be done to find out what birdhouse dimensions would best suit the type of bird(s) you wish to attract.

STEP 2: Birdhouse Location

Next, you will need to consider the location and placement for your new birdhouse. Consider the height requirements for your birdhouse. Make sure the house you build is designed for your particular location and height.

After building a birdhouse consider how you will be mounting it. Extending the back above the roof and below the bottom will make it easier to attach it to a tree or post. To have less impact on the tree, use bungee cords. Drill holes at the top and bottom and feed the cord through the holes, then wrap around the tree and connect the hooks together.

STEP 3: Birdhouse Blueprint

Now its time to find a plan (blueprint), if you don't already have a plan you can search the internet for free plans. Make sure that the plan you choose meets the specifications of the bird you wish to attract. You can find available plans by searching GOOGLE for some ideas.

There are several features of a good birdhouse. Drainage holes in the bottom and a raised floor will keep the nest and inhabitants dry. One side should be able to be opened for cleaning after nesting season. A birdhouse should be made of sturdy materials using exterior grade nails and/or screws. Attaching a wood block around the entrance hole will help keep predators at bay.

STEP 4: Birdhouse Construction and Installation

After you locate that plan of your choice, print the construction plan and material list of supplies need for building the birdhouse. Follow the cutting instructions to make all your cuts. After you have your lumber cut to dimensions, carefully assemble your birdhouse. Apply your finish, then mount your birdhouse in the desired location from step 3. Great its time to sit back and admire your accomplishment and newly found feathered friends.

Suggested Materials List (may vary depending on your research)

  • Lumber and/or plywood
  • Dowel Rod (for the perch)
  • Stainless Stell Screws or all-weather nails
  • All-weather wood glue
  • Paint
  • Spray Polyurethane

Suggested Tools List (may vary depending on your research)

  • Hammer
  • Electric or cordless drill
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Paintbursh
  • Tape measure
  • Framing square
  • Paper and pencil
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