Class 5 Notes for Flash

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to modify a Sound using Audacity

You will be able to add Sound to an Animation

You will be able to use a Symbol created in another file.


Read: Chapter 11 and do the exercises at the end of each chapter.

Watch: Sound Tutorial

Review: Absolute Sound Effects and TV Tunes sound websites

Post: Two interesting Sounds on Canvas under the Discussion Board under Sounds. You should also look for different sounds to use for future assignments.

Post: Ad assignment on your Webspace on E-commerce and link the file to your homework page.

Topics Covered:

stream setting for audio

Canvas doesn't have the same sound controls as ActionScript 3.0. You can start a sound but not stop until it is over like you can do with ActionScript setting.

Exporting as an .MP4 (or .mov) requires you to stream the audio in the animation instead of the event setting.


Flash Stores Sounds in the library

Use Google to search for Sound Files (beware of viruses and copyright issues.)

I like Absolute Sound Effects Archive (except for the pop-ups) or Royalty Free Music for Education at

TV Tunes has some great sounds!

You may also want to try Partners in rhyme

Go to and search for Audio Editors

Sound Tutorial

Do a search on the C drive for WAV files!

We will use Audacity (free) for a Sound Editor and Windows XP Shutdown.wav for the file to edit

Can't afford Flash try Swish

Silverlight - Microsoft's answer to Flash


WAV (Windows only)

AIFF (Macintosh only)

MP3 (Windows or Macintosh)

If you have QuickTime 4 or later installed on your system, you can import these additional sound file formats:

AIFF (Windows or Macintosh)

Sound Designer II (Macintosh only)

Sound Only QuickTime Movies (Windows or Macintosh)

Sun AU (Windows or Macintosh)

System 7 Sounds (Macintosh only)

WAV (Windows or Macintosh)

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