Class 15 Notes for Flash


Finish your final Project!

Review your Final Project using the following criteria

Score Your Partner 1 - 5 for each item: 5 being excellent

What was the objectives for the project:

Why were they doing it?

Did the Animation fulfill the objectives?

Does the Flash Animation download quickly or have a pre-loader? (10 to 20 seconds max.)

Does the layout of the page make sense?

What is the Quality of the content? (Typos & Grammar):

Is the text (font size, color & style) easy to read and does the font change? (two different fonts are ok but more is questionable)

Did they have italics or all caps on the page?

What is the Quality of the graphics?

Are the graphics appropriate for the content?

Are the graphics size appropriate for the Animation?

Is the sound a appropriate for the Animation?

Dose navigating the site make sense?

Is the navigation of the site consistent (same type of info)?

Does every scene have a link to the main scene?

Does the navigation for the site remain on the same area of the scene?

Did you enjoy the Animation?

Did you want to run the Animation again?

What could they do to improve upon the project?

What was your favorite part of the project?

Topics Covered:

Web Developer Certificate or AA in CIS

We meet @ Normal Day & Time to Show off Final and Snack at Pei Wei


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