Project Plan: Batman Tribute Website

Project overview: the goal of this project is to design and develop a batman tribute website for
every Batman fan. The objective is to create an entertaining and informational site highlighting
the comic book character and his supporting characters.

Site Map / Page Layout

Website Content and Media

Design and development of this tribute site will use a variety of media, such as:

All media will be provided by the customer, custom media will be created by the development team.

Project Effort

Phase Man Hours
Design and Layout 100
Development 200
QA Testing 400
Code Review 200
Product Demo 16
User Acceptance Testing 100
Product Implementation / Go-Live 16
Total: 1032

Hardware, Updates, Maintenance Fees

The customer has sole resposibility to seek a website hosting services or will supply the
hardware/servers to host the website. All server related issues will be fix by the customer.
The customer will be supplied with six months of maintenance development, which will start on
first day after the go-live date. After this six months period, the customer may obtain
maintenance services at a billable rate of $125.00 / hour.