Project Plan Assignment

Step 1. Who is the Customer & who has authorization to make changes to this plan?

I will be selling this project to the family of a deceased famous person. The immediate family will have the authority to change this plan.

Step 2. Who will be looking at the page (Audience for the page)?

This website will be a biography website for a famous person. It provides information about their life prior to being in movies, thier personal life, as well as their movie career which includes a page with all of their movie posters on it with the years and titles. This site would be for the actor's family and fans.

Step 3. Objectives for the Page (Selling something, information page, Entertainment?)

This would be an informative webpage.

Step 4. What is the address of the competition and what do their pages look like?

This is a web page of something similar to what I am thinking. This web page has quite a few large images on it that the viewer can see of the famous person. This webpage also uses black and white as its primary colors with a splash of color here and there. It also has more pages associated with it such as an About web page, a News web page, a Share web page, and a Shop web page.

Step 5. Part A: What will the layout look like? (Create a site map with PowerPoint)

an image of a project plan

Part B: Provide a layout of the main page and a sub page!

an image of a project plan

an image of a project plan

Step 6. What kind of Media will you use? (if, jpg, Flash, animated gifs, director), what type of interaction will the page require and will you need to do any scripting (Java or CGI)?

I would use jpg images, as well as JavaScript to create slideshows with images of the famous person in it. I will probably have buttons associated with the slideshow so the user can click through the image as they please.

Step 7. What will you have to create (content & media) and what will be given to you?

I will have to create the web site and all of its extra features. I will need the family to give me photos of the famous person as well as information about them.

Step 8. Estimate the time (amount of hours) to complete project (then multiple by at least 2)

With the knowledge I have, I would say it would take two months to comfortably complete.

Step 9. How much time will they give you for development of pages?

I would ask for two months, 60 days.

Step 10. Where will the page be located (on what server?) Does the server have adequate resources to meet their objectives?

I think I would use a commercial hosting provider for this webpage. I believe using an internet service provider would provide enough resources for this simple web page. (I read about them in the textbook for this class)

Step 11. How often will they want to update their pages. How many "free" changes will you give them to this project plan?

I would offer to update every three months for a fee each time.

Step 12. How much money are they willing to spend?

I think the people I am imagining would be willing to pay a nice amount of money for a simple website. They would want this website for themselves as well as for the fans of their deceased family member. I think they would pay around 8,000 dollars for this website.

Step 13. Are there any problems that may complicate the development of this project?

I would have to learn on the job how to work with an internet service provider which could prove difficult and problematic if I do something wrong.

Step 14. Provide a Cost Estimate (See Estimate Site)

They would need to pay me 7,200 dollars for my work. I got the number 7200 from the idea that they would pay me 15 dollars an hour for 8 hours a day for two months, which consist of 30 days each. (15 x 8 x 60 = 7200) They would also need to pay for additional costs such as the domain name and the internet service provider as well. Depending on what domain name and the internet service provider that this webpage uses will increase the cost of this webpage. (I got some of this information from our textbook)

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