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Veronica Lawrie's movie review of Persons of Interest

Please include on your movie page how realistic the movie was. Tell me if something like this could happen in real life!

I think this concept could happen in real life. This could happen because the government could gain access to the data of its citizens that it could then feed a super computer and use to see the probability of negative situations. This is not to say it would happen exactly like it did in the TV show, however, I think it could be made into a reality.

It would make sense there would be a government agency that already tracks this sort of thing using a computer. In the case of the show the invention of this super computer was to prevent more catastrophic events from occurring. In our world I think that people want to avoid catastrophes as much as possible, so this computer could be made for this reason.

I do not think the public would be told about this super computer even if it was real however, because it would need so much information about each citizen, some of them may be frightened of it. I do see where there could be problems with making a system like this as well. If someone were to hack this machine there could be some dire consequences. If the machine were to be hacked it could cause unneeded conflict which could end in bloodshed.

All in all, I am not sure how I feel about the idea of a machine like this being in our world. It could lead to a lot of good coming out of it, however, a lot of bad could come from it as well. This machine would need to be unbiased and only look at facts, which computers are good at, however, those who develop, update, and protect it would need to have the same unbiased opinion as well, to make sure the information was received and maintained properly.

picture of some of the cast in Person of Interest: Jim Caviezel, Amy Acker, Kevin Chapman, Michael Emerson, and Sarah Shahi

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