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Who are the Customers?

The Customers are close associates of mine who want to start a gaming and streaming website that archives videos from their seperate channels together in order to cross pollinate their audiences.

Who has authorization to make changes?

Only I have the authorization to make the changes as they have little to no experience with html and it's component parts.

Intended Audience

According to them, their intended audience are the gamers who are disenfranchised from modern video games and are seeking less mainstream alternatives. The site will focus on indepentent game playthroughs, reviews and critiques.

Objectives of the Site

The main objective of the site is to entertain and spread the creators brand as it were, they want to keep options open if they plan on selling things in the future but for now they just want to focus on exposure and building a community.


An example of their competition would be a site like RageSelect which does a very similar concept though doesn't focus on the more critical review aspects of games.

Site Map

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What Media will be Used?

There will be JPG images used mostly in the design of the site with a animated gif as the background. CSS and JS animation will be used to to provide a more polished experience.

What will I have to create?

Most of the media will be given to me as it is already created and I will need to link it to the site and respective pages.

Amount of time needed

I would comfortably be able to complete each page in 16 hours in order to make sure everything worked like it was supposed to. for 20 pages that would put the time at around 320 hours and if I were to double it I'd ask for 640 hours.

How much time will they give me

According to them they'd like it done in 4 months with a maximum of 6 months.

Where will the site be located

The site will be hosted on Bluehost utilizing their Plus option which gives room for growth such as adding additional websites as neccessary. It also has unmetered website space which is good for a site starting with 20 pages which could potentially expand to include forums and a store.

How often will they want to update their website?

They are thinking of quarterly updates, I would provide the first four updates for free then charge them for subsequent updates

How much are they willing to spend?

25,000 dollars

Are there any problems that could complicate development?

Last minute additions or changes that would mean adjusting working hours accordingly.

Cost Estimate

The website suggests a pricing between $5450 and $10,900. I would probably charge around the $9000 range due to myself and the clients respecting time worked.