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What We Offer!

Retrofitting and Decor

Work with our team of product designers and engineers to transform your products into thematically appropriate and engaging materials that are sure to wow your friends. We build cases for electronics like flat screen televisions, phones, game consoles, even car body modifications to give you the retro aesthetic with a modern interior so no sacrifices are made.

Home Design

Our team of architects would love to work with you to Retrofit your home. From installing new lighting and layout reform of your home to full scale contruction from the ground up, we will work with you to acheive the retro themed house of your dreams


From music to paintings our large selection of handcrafted decorative and ambient effects that can be placed in your home cant be beat. We also work with commisioned artists that you love to get you the very best in what your looking for. A custom mural to hang in the parlor room? Definitely! A set of themed bathroom accessories? We can do that! Synthwave Neon Flamingos on your lawn? Got you covered! Anything you want, we'll make it a reality!

Prices are variable! For your free quote enter your contact information below and we'll contact you to discuss your dreams and how to make them a reality!