About Us

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Our Story

Retrowave lifestyles is a Phoenix based project dedicated to bring awareness and appreciation to the style and aesthetic put forth by musical genres Synthwave and Vaporwave. Founded in 2021 in an era where the modern accepted asthetic trends toward whites, greys, and blacks with sleek bezel-less designs, we instead celebrate the older, often more personable and memorable designs of the 80's and 90's upgraded with modernized technology and safety features.

Our Philosophy

The march of progress is a good thing. As technology advances, human quality of life increases, or at least the potential for it to do so does. However with that advancement comes a certain mudane presentation. Fueled by focus testing and a desire to appeal to everyone in order to maximize profits bold and creative designs are smoothed out and polished down until they all more or less resemble each other. Gone are the days of garish colors and daring angles, instead replaced with easy to digest designs that often ask little more of the user than to press a button. We revel in that garish space bathed in neon lights. We want to put that extra effort in for our products not be patronized by them. We believe that technology can be beautiful but it should look unique and challenging. For us this is a lifestyle, and we want to share it with the world.