Example of Good and Bad Website Design


While intitially Wikipedia seems to be a well designed site both from a visual and layout standpoint, with a lovely black on white gestalt presentation and clearly labled sections for a multitude of options; first glances, to me, are the only good impressions the site makes. From there the site descends into a very obvious example of information overload and the default size of the font and the sheer amount of words presented at all times contributes to a feeling of visual white noise that I couldn't escape as I perused the site. Why does the home page present every single language in a sidebar instead of a dropdown at the top or bottom of the page? Why does it list sister sites like Wikivoyage and Meta-wiki, without description as to what these site are? Why does the website for all intents and purposes not have adequate mobile support? These questions and more kept piling up in my head until I came to the realization that issues like this are the reason why my utilization of this site has waned over the years, until like now, I only visit it for the point of critique or review and no longer for the joy I used to in my youth when these issues would have flown past me like leaves on the wind.


Apple makes a strong impression overall with its initial presentation. Making use of gesalt principles to draw attention to it navigation bar while utilizing white space to focus attention on it's products amd promos it is trying to promote. The navigation bar in particular due to Apple's strong branding is particularly strong because there is no abiguity about where the link will take you. Select Mac, expect to be taken to a page featuring the sleek and verry expensive desktops and laptops. Iphone? One of the hottest selling phone brands ever. Want to integrate Apple into your smart home? Well the TV & Home link has you covered. Each of these links take you to another landing page with the same strong design principles and clear communication style. Each of these links also has their own navigation bar which futher focuses you toward what you're seeking. I never get lost whenever I visit the Apple site, there is very clear signposting and I very quickly get to where I need to go. I don't really like the products Apple produces, but I quite frankly love their site.


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